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Turbo Molecular Pump

특 징

진공장비 제작 및 유지비용 절감에 기여합니다.
- 수명이 긴 베어링 메커니즘을 적용하여 유지보수 비용을 절감할 수 있습니다.
- 소형 보조펌프와 조합하여 사용할 수 있습니다.
- 모든 방향으로 장착이 가능합니다.

Turbo molecular pump model TMP-B300
Cooling method Convection Forced air by cooling fan
Ultimate pressure(note 2) After baking (note 1) 10-8 Pa order (note 2)
Non-baking 10-6 Pa order 10-6 Pa order
Pumping speed(note 3) N2 280 L/s 280 L/s
He 270 L/s 270 L/s
H2 220 L/s 220 L/s
Compression ratio N2  > 1 x 109 > 1 x 109
He 7×106 7×106
H2  1×105 1×105
Critical backing pressure 1500 Pa 1500 Pa
Maximum allowable continuous
backing pressure(note 4)
N2  100 Pa
(ambient < 35°C)
1000 Pa
(ambient 25°C)
 930 Pa
(ambient 35°C)
Maximum allowable gas throughput at
continuous pumping
(ambient 25°C)
(ambient 35°C)
100 SCCM
(ambient 25°C)
(ambient 35°C)
weight VG, ISO 6 kg 6.3 kg
ICF 9 kg 9.3 kg
Bearing type Passive magnetic bearing and ceramic bearing
Inlet flange
VG100, DN100CF, ISO100K
Outlet port KF16
Rated speed 60000 rpm
Stat-up time(up to 80 %) 3.5 minutes
Mounting direction In any desired direction
Noise [Shimadzu's method](note 5) ≤ 50 dBA
Admissible ambient magnetic field Radial direction 3 mT
Axial direction 15 mT
Input electric power Voltage DC24 V ± 5 %
Maximum power 180 W
(Note 1) Only pumps equipped with a CF flange and cooling fan can be baked.
(Note 2) When using a two-stage oil-sealed rotary pump as an auxiliary pump.
(Note 3) When no protective net is used. Pumping speed for N2 is 260 L/s when a protective net is used.
(Note 4) Maximum allowable backing pressure for continuous running when gas throughput at inlet port is 0 mL/min
(Note 5) Measured for the ISO flange model.